Melbourne mega-talent Simon Lam has released his latest single, Tin, nearly five years after coming onto the scene as Nearly Oratorio.

0006839050_10Following his debut EP, Lam’s recent release creates an ethos of melancholy and apathy. The combination of artificial sounds and genuine emotions has produced a simple song, with a complex structure. Seemingly apathetic, but obviously fervent, _”T__in“ weighs heavy in effortlessness. Lam completed the upcoming five track EP almost two years ago for himself, without the intention of anyone ever hearing it. Fortunately for us, he changed his mind. The uniqueness, consistency, and depth of the track is as obvious as Lam’s talent. Tin”_ transports you to a different world, in a different time, that will seemingly never cease to exist.

_“__This is about living in your head, and wanting to be submerged in your own thoughts, as it’s your safe place and where you feel at home”._

The EP is out April 11th via Solitaire Recordings, but is available for pre-order here.

Cereal Pairing: Cap’n Crunch Galactic Crunchc_668, because Nearly Oratorio takes you to another world.