Baby’s All Right was packed Friday night with Brooklynites, Penn Badgley (yes Gossip Girl fans, you heard right), and a killer lineup for those not yet weekend-wasted.

To an undeservingly spacious room, Surf Rock is Dead kicked off the night with their mesmerizing riffs, enchanting vocals, and lots of stage smoke. The Brooklyn based band played previously released singles including Late Risers”,  “Zen A”, and Equinox”,  along with the most recent track, Anymore”. Undeniably good, the room started filling up to the shoe-gazey tunes, as their too-short-of-a-set ended. Ride the wave here.

Heliotropes, sadly a band I wasn’t as familiar with, was definitely a pleasant surprise. With the anticipation of a grunge sound, the female-fronted and also Brooklyn-based band’s set contained bluesy undertones (via a sexy sax) and instrumental long-hauls. It’s been two years since their last album, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t impatiently waiting their next one.

As the crowd quickly turned into a sea of red from all the Chicago Bulls jerseys and snapbacks, it was obvious how much love was present for NE-HI. The support was well deserved, as the band’s headlining tour took them out of the Chi-town scene, and into the Brooklyn spotlight. Slaying their set, the energetic quartet got the crowd going with tracks off their debut album including Sun Bleed’,”Time Wanna“, and”Since I’ve Been Thinking“. As promised by Jason (the only dude killing the mushroom cut game right now) in our interview with him last week, the boys played a lot of new tunes. After the release of their latest single”Drag”, and the sheer greatness of their live show, the anticipation of their next record is greater than ever.

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