Navy Gangs, the Brooklyn transplants by way of Omaha, have become a staple in local lineups recently, and for good reason. The garage-pop quartet’s story is one of high school dropouts, zoo animals, and an in-house (a grandma’s house) studio in New York City. The result - some really sweet music.

Special Glands is a special track that highlights the strengths of these Nebraska natives - electrifying riffs, driving drums, and fuzzy vocals. The fast-paced strength and undeniable catchiness of the track is only telling of what more we can expect from this foreign bred, locally grown band.

Navy GangsNavy Gangs is playing a butt load of shows this month from Brooklyn, back to Omaha, and back to Brooklyn, so be sure to check them out ahead of their upcoming debut EP, out in September via No Roads, The album will also be available on cassette in limited quantity via Super Fan.

Cereal Pairing: Bigg Mixx, for all the animals that got Navy Gangs to Brooklyn.