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Navy Gangs - Poach (via Modern Sky USA)

Navy Gangs is a four-piece band from Brooklyn, New York but with roots in Omaha, Nebraska where the project started as a duo with Matthew Tillwick and Noah Kohll. Their upcoming debut full-length record is Poach which features production work from guitar virtuoso Delicate Steve. The band released their frazzled self-titled EP in 2016 with explosive singles like Special Glands”, the band has carved out a vivacious sound that is uneasy but immediate.

Housekeeping is the lead single and closer for Poach, a pivot from the wiry energy displayed on their existing songs. Carrying a zen-like air, the group has pocketed their raucous riffs for a quelled fidgety energy that pairs with observational lyrics. A clomping beat with a reverberation that is akin to metal pipes tags along with squiggly hooks provide elements of intimacy and trepidation. Tillwick, in a dulled manner, croons I really love what you’ve done with the place,” as he points out to the minor changes in an acquaintance’s abode.

Poach is out 8/4 on Modern Sky USA.

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