This Brooklyn based duo may be new to the scene as Nassau, but Jeffrey Silverstein and Justin Wilcox sound like seasoned vets in their debut EP, Hoss.” Formed just last year, the two talents seem to have been hard at work creating a solitary sound presented in a unified, four-track EP.

With two singles already released (Wake The Dead” and Desert Blues”), Nassau have successfully garnered a commendable amount of hype, accolades, and support. Their indie-folk base and psych undertones put them on the map…but uniquely far away from the rest. This collection of ambient and atmospheric tracks are emotionally raw and undeniably moving, textured with subtlety and layered with boldness.

nassauOpening track Wake The Dead,” feels almost tropical - in the context of the desolation of death and the isolation of an island. The beautiful irony here is the impossibility of waking the dead with the soft, nonabrasive vocals singing, it always was right.”

White Gold” follows suit in a sort of Lord Huron bolo tie wearing sound with its impressive instrumentation that makes the potential from the limiting number of members, seem limitless. At almost five minutes, this track is definitely worth its weight in white gold.

Desert Blues” (arguably our favorite gem), is melodic, beautiful, and fighting to be felt (a fight easily won). The poetic lyricism combined with weightless, airy vocals, transcends you far and beyond the track, and into a scarce spiritual state you’ll find yourself clinging onto.

The EP ends with New Year,”  a timeless track about time. Somehow managing to make the dreadfully imminent notion sound mellifluous, the song’s still sound is able to move you as quickly as time does.

Jeffrey says_,_ 

This EP was all about not over-thinking. Just letting it ride. We tried to not obsess over the perfect’ take and let the imperfections be part of the song. Sonically we attempted to figure out how to best incorporate our own styles/influences into a collection of songs we felt strong about. It being our first release, it just felt really good to finish something and get it out there. Less talking more doing I suppose. I’m excited to see what happens next.

Hoss is out 6/23 via Fire Talk Records in both cassette and digital form. Catch them live the day of their release a part of a stacked line up

Cereal Pairing: cheeriorsloneranger2Lone Ranger Cheerios, because Hoss from Bonanza was loved by all, and so is Nassau.