pink quartzNaked, a three-piece from Hobart, Australia, is making its debut early next year with their debut LP Pink Quartz via Tenth Court Records. The project was started by guitarist/vocalist Kieran Sullivan, bassist Jordan Marson in 2011, with the band steadily putting out rough demos and experimental song ideas on online. While going through their Bandcamp page, humor is a plenty, from the 69 Love Songs cover EP, 6.9 Love Songs, to the sarcastic track listing of Pink Quartz (see Massive Cock and White People Dreaming of Christmas).

Sprinters of The World Unite is a strange journey that begins with the sudden death of Sullivan’s dog which elicits a ridiculous chain of events. In mourning, Sullivan chucks a brick at a oncoming bus, brawls out at a local Domino’s midst his hellbent quest for a slice. Harnessing his inner Robert Pollard, Sullivan’s ostentatious delivery runs congruent with the knobby tempo that invokes archetypal 90’s lo-fi.

Pink Quartz is due out 2/5/2016 and can be pre-ordered now via Tenth Court.