You Did It again Super Fan 99 - another great signing, and the release of more great music.

We first heard Charlie Murphy’s solo dolo sounds last winter, when he released I Wana Be (Someone Else) under his very own Nerve Centre Records. Now, reincarnated as Murph & The Gazorpos, Murphy has successfully developed a sound that is so undeniably intoxicating, that even non-cereal eaters will be impressed.

14423818_10207105867194118_562463911_oWith 2-minutes of fast-paced, high energy power pop, You Did It’ proves to be a prime example of purely uninhibited, feel-good music. The combination of jangly guitar work and vintage flared vocals make for a track that is dripping with vibrancy and gushing with pizzazz.

Its explosivity is inevitable, and its timelessness is tantalizing. You Did It’ is the first release off the upcoming EP, A Little Reaction,’ and is out 10/21 via Super Fan 99 on cassette and vinyl.

Cereal Pairing: Cheerios, because that what Murph seems to be eating in the No Reply’ music video.