Christopher Nicastro makes quaint and sobering music under the moniker, Mrs. Hopewell. Originally slated as a side-project it has since become an amalgamation of literature, painting, boxing and lo-fi. After a severe bout with depression and going through a few separate hiatuses, Nicastro has struck another wave of creativity. Inching away from the folk sound heard on previous Mrs. Hopewell releases.

Alpha Rats Quarterback is the lead single to the project’s upcoming LP Goodbyes Are Just Shitty See You Laters. Louder in sound and weight, Nicastro throws shovels on the emotions. Ripping with emo undertones, the track’s simple chunky hooks and fuzzy warmth give off a tingly nostalgia, especially when the Against Me!-like outro begs for a loud sing-along.

Cereal Pairing: Wheaties