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Pete Mouton is a Springfield, Missouri-based musician who records under his surname, Mouton. In 2016, he had released his first collection of songs, Impermanence For Yours. Penning lyrics that deal with anxiety and complacency, Mouton skitters on a sound that’s influenced by the bright energy of surf paired with folkintricacies.

Releasing a joint 7″ split with another Missourian project, The Prahnas, Mouton’s contributions are songs, Other Minds and Real Boy. Rife with hooks and snarled twang, Other Minds is an ear pleaser. Opening with storming piano riff, the lo-fi home recording feels anthemic from the outset. The weariness in Mouton’s voice is earnest as he’s self-aware of his introvert tendencies. It’s a sub-three minute track that nudges replays and sing-alongs.

Cereal Pairing: Rice Krispies