With their twilight gleaming pair of demos, Mount Kisco caught our ears late last year. The four-piece is based in New York, New York and they’ve recently released their official debut. Drawing influences from bands like Deerhunter, their demos (“moondays and made-up girl) skewed towards being on the dreamier side, recalling Galaxie 500. Seemingly shedding or bypassing that sound, the songs on Blue are louder, faster and catchier. Creeping in with moody basslines, Still Lovin’ is a rambunctious heart-broken anthem, cascading with jangly guitars and suave tempos. Lead vocals charmingly snake through the verse, unable to shake off the remnants of a break-up.     Along with the rest of the tracks that make up Blue, we’re mighty excited to hear more from these boys.

Cereal Pairing: Reese’s Puffs