motiongazer in koreaBetween his main project, Motiongazer, and his side project, LIFE, it always seems like Julian Powell never runs out of material. With a steady output, Powell dips back and forth between the two. Its probably easier to just classify Motiongazer as experimental,” rather than list the many styles Powell has dipped his fingers in, which range from folk to avant-garde.

The Light (via Courier Records) is Motiongazer’s ninth collection of songs (14 if you count the singles), and its his first with the full band configuration he introduced with Bloom,” released last year.

In Korea” is the latest from his forthcoming LP. Commencing with tiptoeing pianos, the track starts off on an eerie atmosphere, augmented by white noise. As more instruments file in, the track grows more prolific with layers consisting of its electro-industrial backbone, ominous aesthetics, and Powell’s Bradford Cox/Julian Casablancas hybrid vocals. Despite the buildup, the track’s icy aura holds it to a minimal feel.

Here’s what Powell had to say about the single and The Light:

The Light is a record dealing with the idea of sudden epiphany and realization. The album’s creation itself was accidental, organic, and 100% collaborative, featuring all 4 members of the live band, creating a sound which is entirely different from anything we have done before. This particular track serves as the 3rd single, and a sonic representation of connecting a small part of the past with a greater future.

The Light will be released by Courier Records on 11/27.