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Marrickville, Australia-based Mope City released their most recent LP News From Home, the follow up to Tenth Court Records debut, Petri Dish. The duo, comprised of Matthew Neville and Amaya Lang, are versed in straightforward melancholic pop music. In the similar vein of fellow Australians such as The Goon Sax and Dick Diver, Mope City hones in on nuanced workings of the everyday and makes the terrestrial their focus. News From Home adopts a darker and translucent sound, veering from the joy-riding hazy pop on their debut.

The methodical and paced number, Medicine Drawer, is a down-strumming Galaxie 500-styled downer with a chilly demeanor. Neville’s cold deadpan vocals are grave and sedated as he sings of a scenario that involves getting cut by a medicine drawer and the metaphorical anxiety. Verbose and lofty, the track for all of the cynics and the anxious.

Cereal Pairing: Wheaties