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The American fantasy of leaving everything behind to explore the open road is a dream that has been romanticized by cinema for decades. Crucial to every movie with themes of finding freedom through adventure is the soundtrack it uses, and Mopacs music fits such ideas of escaping the humdrum way of life to a tee. 

Cross-Eyed Dreaming, lifted from the Austin five-piece’s excellent EP Burn & Sooth, gazes wistfully outside of the office window, dreaming of the adventure that’s just over the horizon and earnestly wishes to make it to the weekend”. Glittering guitar chords beam out during the song’s verses and chorus, and your mind instantly turns to thoughts of the wind rushing through your hair as you drive a drop-top down America’s wide and idle highways. 

With Mopacs music providing such a cinematic and sugary escapist sound, it would make sense to have their music on hand during the summer months when going outside and exploring is a given. Undoubtedly a track for those experiencing the itch of wanderlust or just the simple need for change, Cross-Eyed Dreaming will soundtrack your road trips and excursions flawlessly, leaving it up to your imagination to wonder as to where you’ll eventually travel. 

Cereal Pairing: Pop Tarts Frosted Strawberry Cereal