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Originally released in 2018, Megumi Acordas debut EP, unexpectedly has been reissued on both cassette and vinyl at the bookends of last year. Most recently, Shenzhen, China-based label, Boring Productions reissued on vinyl late last year. Originally the solo work of Manila-based Megumi Acorda, after a period of releasing demos and covers, the effort evolved into a five-member collaborative project.

Filled with ethereal ruminations and interweaving delicate guitars, the dreamy self-titled track is a dazzling warm opener. Acorda’s glass vocals sail through the ping-pong guitar work and reverb drenched drum. Covered in glittery fuzz with lingering atmospherics, similar to their contemporaries such as Why Bonnie and Slow Pulp, Acorda’s music is engrossing with a lot of sparkle.

unexpectedly is available in cassette via Genjitsu Stargazing Society and on vinyl via Boring Productions.

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