meenkMay Rio is the mastermind behind the Brooklyn-via-Austin-via-Brooklyn project, Meenk. Despite adding up to a meager eleven-minutes, Scamu Scau is a meaningful listen with simple pop melodies and down-to-Earth anecdotes. The breezy opener, Reasons,” is a chirpy track amidst shrewd melodies layered underneath Rio’s sardonic narratives (a la Stephen Malkmus). With vocals akin to those of Hope Sandoval (or even a Sheryl Crow) and witty introspection makes for memorable verses like: The first day is just okay / the rest are all the same / you tell yourself you’ll get out / it just won’t be today.” On the subtly robust 19,” Rio drops in memories of a birthday party that involved underaged boozing, see through swim suits, and saucy observations like kids too fat to swing” on rope swings. Rio shows maturity on the lazy strummer. Happiness Forgets,” in which she lets happiness look past a lover’s flaws (“my diamond came home with a scratch today / I’ve learned it’s best to look the other way”).

Scamu Scau is a transient but gratifying listen that will tempt listeners for a few more go arounds.