max-gardener-memory-loungeMax Gardener was college bound when he wrote parts of his upcoming debut record, which was partly inspired by the excitement and uncertainties of leaving home for the first time. A joint release between Citrus City Records and Sports Day Records, the writing process for Memory Lounge was fueled by Gardener’s dreams and anxieties,” with the routines of getting used to a new abode and a new city.

Written during the move from Long Beach, CA to San Francisco, CA, Get Lost is tingly bedroom anthem for those who won’t take the plunge. Moving to a brand new city himself, Gardener embraces spontaneity, encouraging listeners to go out and get lost, over a proliferation of glistening guitars that bring up feelings of svelte nostalgia and easy-going dispositions. Get Lost is so damn infectious, you should feel weird if you aren’t moving after 15 seconds in.

Memory Lounge is out on February 19th via Citrus City and Sports Day, digitally or on a very limited edition cassette.