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Max Bloom

Clawing at the darkness while searching for the light is the imagery conjured by Max Blooms latest single, Call Me When It’s Over. Trading in the fuzz pedals and the shoegazey squabble for something much tamer, Yucks involuntary frontman explores the anxieties of his personal life in a solo project that’s an ode to the alternative indie heyday which came before it.

Call Me When It’s Over starts mechanically, with the cogs of a snappy guitar riff and sharp percussion whirring together to form a device of languorous emotion. A twinkling of shoegazed melody chimes out across the verses, with Bloom uttering his expressions of inner turmoil before the flourishing chorus, with its repeating call me when it’s over phrase, fully expressing his desire for life’s trials to finish. It all ends with some swirling reversed guitar, perhaps summing up the intention of the song itself: embellishing the notion of wanting to go back in time, seeing if you could change and do it again differently, before finally accepting that allowing things to end is the best way of letting go.

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