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album cover for matt surfin’ and friends self-title recordalbum cover for matt surfin’ and friends self-title record

Matt Surfin’ & Friends - s/t

Matt Seferian wants you to live your life with self care. A fixture in New Orlean’s DIY community, Seferian has been a part of projects like Donovan Wolfington, Pope, and Jab as a musician, but plenty of more as a producer/engineering. His latest project is a solo project under his moniker, Matt Surfin’, which features friends and collaborators, hence the full project name, Matt Surfin’ and Friends. The self-titled debut is a collaboration between members of Ratboys, Sharks’ Teeth, Video Age, Lawn, Bent Denim, and Donovan Wolfington.

On the fun Life of Luxury (lol), Seferian insists that you to treat yourself better. Gushing with hyper riffs, Seferian and friends jam out on the compact power pop with effervescent drums and flinty wailing guitars. Advocating for acceptance and positive self-imagery, Seferian injects a shot of vibrancy and undercurrents of good feelings.

Matt Surfin’ & Friends is out now via Community Records and Muscle Beach.

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