A Midwestern post-punk band with a penchant for brashness, Mardou makes music that’s visceral and very much in your face. The Cincinnati-based five-piece is currently prepping their upcoming LP Cold Grasp but have been leaving a trail of previews in recent months, with their single Flash being released with older demos and K.O.D Demos housing another pair of rough cuts.

The discordant INFORMATION rolls in with galloping drums and striding bass lines, as defiant vocals repeat the mantra-like refrain:

information hurts my head information left me dead information cut the chord information i’m a free thought

The krautrock inspired The Absurdist Asshole is part improvisation and part rigidness, but the more fluid of the pair. Between the scratching guitar strings and forthcoming calculated rhythms, your ears will be ringing but drawn into the track’s subtle no-wave grooves.

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