Warning, this is not your mama’s rock n’ roll…but it could be. Chicago quartet MAMA released their Eye In the Sky EP a couple months back, but the timelessness of its sound and how easily it could be a song on Guitar Hero has quickly made us fans.

[caption id=“attachment_6536” align=“alignleft” width=“346”] Photo Credit: Amanda Olbrys[/caption]

Produced by guitarist, producer, and Cereal+Sounds alum, Dan Rico, the EP shares a similar addictive quality as his solo music. With fellow bandmates Matt, Chris, and Joe, these Chi-Town renegades” are bringing back the power of pop and the rowdiness of rock.

In the midst of six electrifying tunes, the title track has our toes tapping, our heads bopping, and our blood pumping. With a strong reverb and even stronger instrumental foothold, MAMA perfectly leverages the sound of nostalgia to bring some kind of sanity in our chaotic present.

With SXSW, some tour dates, two split 7″s, and their debut LP all on the way, these busy boys might have their eye on the sky, but we’ve definitely got our eye on them.

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