mac-demarco-another-one-streamMac DeMarco is lovesick… and so am I.

This is the internet consensus of the 25 year old’s just released mini-LP, Another One,” as DeMarco serenades with his dreamy, jangly pop melodies.

The 8-song album was written and recorded out of his home in Far Rockaway, Queens in just under three weeks. Coming off his already indie-iconic 2014, Salad Days,” this new record has a sweet ease to it, but feels like a different DeMarco while maintaining his classic sound. Throughout the album, you will feel like you are sharing an intimate, 23-minute moment, reflecting and bonding over the naivety of our youthful lust.

DeMarco croons through a forbidden love… a simplified synopsis:

You aren’t with her, but you would give her everything (The Way You’d Love Her). She’s simply in love with someone else (Another One). If given the chance, innocent you knows you can make her happy (No Other Heart). Trying to convince yourself you’re not in love, but you are (Just to Put Me Down). Giving up– you won’t ever be together (A Heart Like Hers). Wow, but I found her (I’ve Been Waiting For Her). She won’t love me, but you hope she’s happy (Without Me). A reflection [dare I say, chamber of?] and invitation to his home for a casual cup of coffee (My House By The Water).

While I won’t be trekking to his home any time soon, I will be attending one of the four shows in NYC this August which kick off his world tour. Although these dates are already sold out, definitely see if you can bribe a ticket or two off your friends or off some strangers on the internet. If not, there will always be another one.