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I don’t know what I’m looking for”, but somehow, they’ve found it. LVL UP, a four-piece band from Purchase (shout-out to the best-chester), has served us up with another ace dose of _Three Songs…_literally.

11870682_950417011689353_5599998774982953960_nMembers Mike Caridi, Dave Benton, Nick Corbo, and Greg Rutkin formed the all-caps band in 2011, and have released two full length albums since (Hookwink’d and Space Brothers), with some B-Sides, splits, and demos in between. The constant of flow of new music has only increased their fan base and positive reception to their tracks. Their most recent EP, Three Songs, is nothing less the greatness they’ve been giving us.

The combination of subdued surf rock-y vocals and grunge rock-y instrumentals is just the beginning of the journey these three tracks takes you on. From the strong progression of The Closing Door”, to the senseless sadness in Blur”, and the poetic ending of Proven Water Rites”, LVL UP tugs at your heart strings, and leaves them hanging until their next release.

Catch LVL UP on tour now!