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jihyun yu lewQuiet, Constant Friends is a cassette compilation compiled by the good people at Wake The Deaf to raise money for Worldreader, a non-profit organization that makes reading easy and books ubiquitous for people all over the globe through digital means. The Worldreader Organization is a great cause that goes beyond improving the world’s literacy rate, impacting other variables affecting countries with poor literacy rate. All (100%) of the proceeds from Quiet, Constant Friends will go towards Worldreader. The compilation features 21 brand new songs from 21 great bands/artists, including Nice Legs, Free Cake For Every Creature, and ARMS.

Lauren E. Walker, like her other half to Nice Legs, Mark Lentz (a.k.a Henry Demos), makes music under her solo moniker, Lewtrakimou. I’m A Book On Tape,” is a brand new track recorded for the Quiet, Constant Friends compilation. Written in memory of the Dean B. Ellis library of Arkansas, we’re reminded of how easily it was to get lost in our literary friends. Featuring Henry Demos on drums, I’m A Book On Tape” is an intimate slow burner with Lewtrakimou’s uncharacteristically inanimate vocals met with sprightly hand-claps, and placid one-stringed riffs.

You can pre-order Quiet, Constant Friends on cassette, or the digital copy now with its release date set for Cassette Day on October 17th. Head over to Wake The Deaf and read more about the Worldreader Organization. Each cassette will come with a thank you note and limited edition postcards, including the artwork done for this track by Ji Hyun Yu.