lejon-brames-summerInspired by an exchange on The Office and his own fandom of basketball, Lejon Brames is a new project fronted by Canada-to-Norwich transplant, Thomas Little. His debut EP, Okay, Listen Close with the assist for the easy basket from Hazy Dog Records. Having a recent shift in mindset and the desire for a fresh start, the nomadic Little described the record to be unapologetically sad” and having been recorded when he was able to stay at places for more than a few nights.

Whisked to a beach-y setting with it’s zipping guitars, you wouldn’t expect a summery sounding song to be titled Why Do I Hate Summer So Much. The bendy twang and laid back grooves are reminiscent to a rock-ier Mac DeMarco (Rock and Roll Night Club), as Little softly croons about existential plight of the struggling twenty-something-year old, slogging through the work day, couch-surfing and wondering if it’s all worth it.

Okay Listen Close’ is out on October 21st on the music blog turned label Hazy Dogs.

Cereal Pairing: Wheaties