Stuck in our heads like leeches on a body (except on purpose and welcomed)  LEECHES debut EP Strange Bonds” is the perfect introduction to the Bournemouth band.

Ben Lowe (guitar/vocals), Jack Pearce (bass/vocals), and their name lovechild Ben Pearce (drums/vocals), are relatively new to the scene forming just last year, but have already developed their own mature and unique sound. The talented trio forcefully blur the lines of any one genre, combining elements of pop sensibility, psych rock instrumentation, and a lo-fi drenched reverb.

Their previously released single, Inside Voices,” is ironically loud and undeniably catchy. The unignorable instrumental heaviness towards the end of the track then creates a natural flow straight into Lungs.” With a more subdued sound, the brisk hurriedness and melodic magic help highlight the lyrical importance for listeners (ie. I felt like a stranger to myself for days.”)

Regular” emphasizes that same simple, yet genius, wordsmith power through a darker, harder use of sound. The electric drum-driven, guitar-slaying motions in this tune prove LEECHES to be anything but regular. The 4-track journey comes to an end with Counting Fours,” an explosive closing number that truly is a journey of its own. This gem breaks down in not only a musical manner, but in an evidently emotional one.

Strange Bonds” is now available on cassette via Leisure Records as not only their first release, but a truly great one.

Cereal Pairing: Mud & Bugs, because LEECHES is the closest I’ll get to either of those things.