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lazyeyesWith just their second EP, Lazyeyes are already covering a lot of ground. Their latest effort New Year” is boisterous brew of shoegaze, dream pop and new-wave. Their self-titled debut EP featured a generous amount of lush and haze, with antsy guitars just barely peeping through the two elements, earning the band the dream pop” label. New Year is a continuation of the sound the band laid down with it’s predecessor but with more emphasis on those hyper guitar riffs.

A possible homage to Islip, NY, Islip” is a roaring start with echo-laced guitars, a nimble tempo, and a wistful narrative about running away from the past (“No you know I’m not like that anymore”). As the title faintly suggests, the record’s overall theme is burning down the past and starting with a new blank slate. The title track is a bright medley of shimmered waltzing guitars, knobby bass groove, and light weight percussions that evokes watery undercurrent.

The Ride-inspired slow-burner, Windowsill,” spewing plumes smoke for miles with soaring guitar work, reminiscent of the 90’s classic, Nowhere.” Influences of new wave (a-la New Order) are present, but subtle. Its presence is most obvious with the closer Darling Dear,” with short bursts of giddy guitars and suave bass melodies.

Lyrically, New Year is about ditching the past and never looking back, but musically, the band’s future is looking a-okay.