Formerly Will B & The Teen Creeps, Will Boldero is now head of the Lanky Boy Club…and we want in!

The Leeds lamentor is following up his aforementioned project with an upcoming debut LP coming in hot this fall. i wna go to the place yr in is the first track released, and it’s as good as the title is missing letters. According to Boldero, it’s all about longing to be someone who just has fun and does cool things, but we’re pretty sure he’s already doing that.

The track, in its truest lo-fi bedroom form, is drenched in fuzzy angst and laced with delicate vulnerability. Undoubtedly raw, ironically fast-paced, and truly addicting, the truth in Boldero’s music speaks volumes, and not just to lanky boys.

i wna go to the place yr in i know u r feeling the same, im wasting thin, show me the way

Grab your shades and see how this track shines below (and for an extra dose of doing cool things, make a shot game out of how many references you can name…warning, you may get drunk).

Cereal Pairing:  _Raisin_Bran__Raisin Bran_