lance-bangs-lance-mountainCollin Thibodeauxx started out as a solo bit with the addition of friends who wanted to help out or collaborate. But something about having consistent collaborators added a new dimension to his songs, eventually leading to the formation of Lance Bangs. Shedding the eponymous moniker, the project borrows the name of the indie rock documentarian as a way to highlight all of the members. As a trio, Thibodeauxx, Joel Alicea (bass), and Drew Lanzafama (drums) cram in all the fun they can into two-minute burners for their debut EP Lance Mountain, which is being put out by both Citrus City Records and Danger Collective Records.

Their last record (also the last recorded under the solo name) Nothing Buttrock is characterized by its bedraggled medium-fi slack rock, but still felt like a solo project despite featuring the current Lance Bangs lineup. On Lance Mountain, the scruffy opener, Dig, starts off on a gory note with Thibodeauxx recalling a fall to the pavement. The track typifies the trio’s cohesiveness as a unit. Lanzafama’s motorized drumming and Alicea’s unassuming bass lines almost feel krautrock like, stoutly propping up Thibodeauxx’s brash vocals and frenzied arpeggios. Sneakin Out, probably the most rocking track of the EP, with rigid syncopation and feathery shimmers, reminiscent to Boston’s Vundabar. Coming across as a laid back Frank Black, Thibodeauxx’s lyrics feel a bit surreal, rotating through a late night getaway which involves ditching his beard and suffering through the long drive without music in the car. The tongue-in-cheek single #1 Single by Lance Bangs Released on 4/20 chugs with its hobbled patterns and jittery unevenness. The reeling Football is aggressive yet catchy with its stammering tempo and shimmery sheen, with Thibodeauxx quelling his woes with sports.

There’s a spontaneity that shrouds Lance Mountain for fun-as-hell collection of songs to furnish your next escapade/caper/set of antics.

Cereal Pairing: Frosted Flakes