lance-bangs-one-singleOriginally when songwriter Colin Thibodeau starting making music under his Collin Thibodeauxx moniker, he didn’t see it much more than a project to mess around and make music with friends. Getting weary with the idea of using his name for a project that was no longer considered solo, he ditched the moniker in favor for Lance Bangs (also the name of my favorite music documentary/video director) to include regular Collin Thibodeauxx contributors, Joel Alicea (bass) and Drew Lanzama (drums).

Their haughtily titled, appropriately premiering on 4/20, Lance Bangs #1 Single Released On 4/20, is the inaugural composition recorded under the new name, with a humor and playfulness that extends to the overall tone of the track. Imbued with twangy syncopation, the three gets on a groove that feels entirely improvised but yet has a smidge of the complexness that’s heard in math rock. Topping the track, Thibodeau’s nasally drawl in itself is engrossing, singing about being knocked down and shaking it off.

The band has plans to release more material sometime this summer (via Citrus City Records), so keep an ear or two open.

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