Lalić-fuck-loveNothing new can be said about love, but Australia’s Lalić has brash words that’s a familiar motto. I came across Lalić and their new track, Fuck Love, while listening to Aussie Unlocked (hosted by Shana of Swell Tone!) on YNot Radio the other week. Mladen Lalic Milinkovic is the project’s brainchild, with Liam Barton, Lucas George, and Andrew Mcewan.

Wrapped up in lugubrious syncopation and soupy instrumentation, Fuck Love isn’t the song you’d put on your mixtape of cloy love songs. Milinkovic’s guttural delivery aptly complement’s his indifference to love and refrain from bitterness (“so I don’t have a reason / to ever say fuck love / when it’s written on the pavement). Alternating between different tempos, the polychromatic track quickly dips in and out of vivid psychedelics that’s subtle with touches of ominous bites.

Along with Zenith, Fuck Love is expected to appear on Lalić’s upcoming record, Portal.

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