coverIn a genre where it’s hard to distinguish your sound from the others, LADY effortlessly makes themselves memorable without having to do much.  The quartet, based in Long Island, NY, released their debut EP Washer, and it’ll leave a deep impression on the nerdiest of shoegaze fans. The band has a knack for channeling the energy from their bombastic guitars while keeping it tamed with their post-punk tendencies. Creatures of the Night” is a relatively quiet but auspicious start to the EP. Sporting lush guitars, brisk percussions, and bright melodies, its an entrancing opener for the EP.  Getting louder on On My Mind,” the band messes around with emotions with the memorable refrain I’m beside myself now,” being sung over swirling guitars. There are plenty of shoegaze tropes on the EP, but never falling flat, the drone-y guitars will keep you engaged. The band shows their range with ebb and flow of loud to quiet or vice versa, throwing in a few quieter” tracks, like with somewhat subdued Things Are Wrong.” The band trades in their drone buzzed riffs for lightly strummed jangled guitars and revert to their softer side. The band gets all krautrock-y on the liveliest track of the record, Chuta,” which is filled with short bursts of buzzsaw guitars that quickly switch to springy reverbed chords, playing over robust off tempo drums. Washer is deserving listen, that’s accessible but enough sonic goodies for the most nitpicking shoegaze fan.