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labrador van basten four cannerBased in London, U.K., Labrador Van Basten combines the carefree sentiment of slacker-rock and the homely vibrancy of backwoods country jams with their debut Four Canner EP. Nether of the two influences over-power each other on the EP, like with the clanging guitars that mellow out along side off-kilterd percussions on Bison.” The small town loving Yarg,” shuffles with buoyant percussions, guiding the punchy lead vox that’s reminiscent to Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon. To go with their rambunctious twang, the band drops in their wit on a few tracks like with How Far Down The Line?” where the band’s leading man questions what’s it all for with lines like is this all we’re good for? / a smile for this goddamn guided tour.” Theres a homely quality that each of these tracks possess, like the kind of tracks you’d get into a drunken sing-along with the entire bar kind of homely. The EP closer Nicely Toasted,” goes through the downs in life, mundane day job, getting screwed over with no back-up plan, and fear for the future. With their debut, the trio seamlessly binds two unlikely genres into a scruffy indie-pop package.