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La Lenguas makes heartbreak as catchy as it is inevitable and constant. From four dudes, comes three great tracks in the form of the T****ears in my Milkshake” EP. Released back in May on Burger Records (I know, I know, we’re slackin’), Christopher, Zak, Travis, and Jacques took their lo-fi sound from a garage somewhere in California, straight to our hearts.

With a unique sound that isn’t unique to any one time or influence, La Lenguas takes us on a ride through the decades in a top down convertible on the Pacific Coast Highway. The opening track, ‘Love You All The Time, is the perfect theme to unrequited love and the seemingly impossible process of moving on. With lyrics like, I was a junkie for the past”,  and the repetitive love you all the time”, it’s obvious that the foundation of this track comes from clinging on to the idea of what was, and ignoring the reality of what is.

She’s a Flake on the other hand, is the realization that that idea was better than the actual thing (“she’s a flake/she’s a fool/yeah, she’s not cool”). With a strong bass line and infectious melody, the second track further solidifies the addicting quality of the EP, without being able to pinpoint what it actually is. A strong finish and a blatant ode to the daily struggles of life, ”9 to 5 takes you right to center court of a 1955 school dance gymnasium (sans all the sexism and stuff). The beauty of the track lies in that time-insensitiveness of the track’s universal message - this 9 to 5’s only alright/when 6 o’clock means you.”

From the rough harmonies and backing vocals, to the fading out of track endings, you would think the combination of doo-wop, lo-fi, and garage-pop would include enough hyphens to accurately describe La Lenguas’ sound, but it’s not even close. “An unholy marriage of 50s heartbreak and 70s punk” never sounded so right.

Cereal Pairing: Cinnamon Toast Crunch, solely because of their Milkface commercial….