KnxwledgeWe’ve covered a few artists this year who’ve been prolific over the past few years, dishing out a release or two every year. But the majority have not been as prolific as Knxwledge, who has been quietly releasing almost an album every month this year. While he’s mostly worked with Blu and Joey Bada$$, he has worked on the monolithic To Pimp A Butterfly, producing the track Momma. In addition to his well received (and one of my favorites this year) Hud Dreems, Knxwledge has released seven other releases this year with WT​.​PRT9_ being the latest.

Barely clocking in past 15 minutes, WT​.​PRT9_ is a collection of tracks (mostly Ghostface Killah material) chopped up, and reworked. The idea screams of remix album,” but it feel like the typical go-crazy remix record. Rather, its a record made up of original material from Knxwledge, paired with bars from MCs that fit the abstract jazzy collages. Like his fellow crate diggers, MF Doom and Madlib, Knxwledge crafts cohesive pieces that feel organic with used-vinyl bin gems and aurally tasty minimal downbeats.\_fralngtime-mstr1k