kiwi jr football money album coverkiwi jr football money album cover

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Kiwi Jr. is a four-piece from Toronto, Ontario whose debut, Football Money is prime slacker rock. Members Brohan Moore, Brian Murphy (of Alvvays), Jeremy Gaudet, and Mike Walker recorded the songs between 2016 and 2017. Murphy’s bandmate in Alvvays, Alec O’ Hanley, is featured on auxiliary instruments and backing vocals. At first listen, Pavement comparisons are evident, but their music leans more of the works of Malkmus or The Clean.

The record’s most jocular cut, Nothing Changes, is an agile diatribe on stagnation. Spunky guitars roll through the track with flashes of punchy rock riffage. Gaudet laments on high cost of living and static local music scenes: This boy knows I hate his band and everyone looks like a lumberjack (guitars! more guitars!).

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