Besides the genius play on words, Jurassic Shark  makes genius music. Daniel, Jonathan, Maximo and Skip are a California quartet who we’re way too embarrassed to be late to the game on. 2967ea646b15417ec1b460aa35bfe986Their latest EP was released last February, and their title track, Blue School” wooed the shit out of us. Recorded in Skip’s garage,” the five (literally) garage-rock tunes are vocally apathetic, instrumentally engaging, and lyrically relatable.

A shout into the void and music to our ears, Jurassic Shark perfectly tell the tale of  fearing the unknown, fearing loneliness, and fearing yourself.

The blatant aggression and raw vulnerability give this track a life that looks all too familiar, through a sound that’s all too undeniable.

I was looking around for a feeling, and I don’t think I’ll ever find one Save me from myself baby…I don’t ever want to be alone I’ve been dreaming for so long, I’ve been waiting for so long, I’ve been down for so long, I’ve been gone for so long

Cereal Pairing:


Dino Pebbles, because Jurassic Shark’s sound is one hell of a monster.