The doo-wop comeback is in full effect thanks to Jungle H. Green. His bright and shiny Eight Doo-Wop Gems” are every bit an homage to the greats of the past, as they are a gift for the future.

Andrew Smith’s (the real man behind the name) doo-wop domination is by way of Chicago, IL and Pittsfield, MA. Although entirely inspired by a past era, the ditty’s drip with originality and charm. Recorded at home, with the heavy help of his chord organ, Green’s take on lo-fi doo-wop is impossible to ignore.

The opening track, To Hold Her In My Arms,“ immediately transports you back in time, and solidifies it with a Sandra Dee reference. Following suit,   I Don’t Mind” blossoms into what seems to be the perfect soundtrack for a sock hop dance sequence.

Oh, Mary”  and I Love You, Ooo Ooo” probably do the best job at exposing Green’s talents with his loner harmonies and enchanting falsettos.

Dream Love,”  which is actually a cover of Bobby Darin’s in 1959 hit, is nonchalantly sandwiched between the originals, further proving the album’s worthiness in the genre.

The acapella styled Space Cadet” features probably our favorite part of the album - dark and unsettling empty noise at the end of the track which is quickly defeated by the antithesized All My Love Is Gone.”  Gentle and beautiful, You Ran Away With My Heart is the perfect ending to such a unique album.

Cereal Pairing: Hidden Treasures, because that’s exactly what this album is.