With just one listen to Joy Rooms  Late at Night, you’ll be just as easily convinced as us that these boys are on their way to some stellar success. This is the London based quartet’s debut single, and it is quite the introduction. With immediate hints of The Hives oozing out, Joy Room’s modernized take on the high school rock stage of our lives gives us a reason, probably the only one, to go back.

14068144_230664763997829_5880400325105069587_nThe constant intensity, collective high energy, and undeniably explosivity has this track busting at the seams. The brutally truthful lyricism of drinking away the memory of a love lost is perfectly pined in a non-brooding, purely rock’n’roll way. The words I don’t mind running, I don’t mind hiding, I don’t mind,” is case and point.

Cereal Pairing:  c_185 Hidden Treasures, because as of now, Joy Room is our favorite hidden treasure.