Say hello to Jaunt - a Canadian five piece suit, or should we say tuxedo, introducing themselves as a genre-less gem of a band, blurring lines and erasing expectations.

unnamed (1)What began as a duo back in 2014, has transformed into a Toronto tale of success. Comprised of Thomas Helliwell, Pat O’Brien, Daniel Reardon, Duncan Hood, and Nick Nausbaum, Jaunt has effectively undefined their sound (in the best way possible). Following their first single, “Gentle Reminder,“ Hello” is a similarly intriguing track about how moments of true connection afforded by means of mechanical alienation determine the depths of our relationships.”

The combination of smooth instrumentals, fiery falsetto’s, and catchy melodies creates an undeniably irresistible track. Hello” is laced with pop sensibility, propelled by indie undertones, and sprinkled with hints of R&B, creating a track of seamlessly integrated sounds.

With the track being less than 2 minutes long, Jaunt really knows how to make a girl want more. Fortunately for that girl (ie. me), their debut EP Chat” is due to be released in early July.

Cereal Pairing: Eggo Maple Syrup cereal, for that sweet Canadian taste!