ize-king-of-modsIZE is a project based in NOLA but their heads are in NYC for their sophomore EP, king of the mods (out on our friends, Z Tapes). Primarily driven by synths and it’s frontman Rob Tornillo, their debut collection of tracks / n e w / was spritzing with songs that makes big nods to bands like LCD Soundsystem, and The Strokes.

The night prowling stick around glides with its transfixing bass line and Tornillo’s brooding baritone. The track’s has the glitz of the NYC nightlife but a smidge of intimacy or longing that comes with staying in on a Friday night. Tornillo’s low-end vocals is a cross between Matthew Dear and Julian Casablancas, crooning until the party clears out or when dawn starts to break out. As its title might suggest, disco 2nite is an electric track that’s weaponized for the dancefloor. A homage to Gotham’s saints of dance LCD Soundsystem, Tornillo’s smooth vocals take command of the medley of skittish guitars and vivacious percussive.

on lex, near u is the least dancey of the EPs three songs. Having the facets of a swan song, the track is redolent of the Joy Division to New Order transition, as the opening two lines (“Do you have the strength to hold me? / Could we tell a different story?) vaguely resemble the opening lines (“This is why events unnerve me / The find it all a different story) of New Order’s Ceremony”. To close out the trio of songs, the track’s escalating synths and sprawling rhythm replicate the mysticism of the city at dusk.

It only took him his second record, but Tornillo is getting closer to sounding like a NYC band with king of the mods. Even if that designation is only reserved for locals, these three songs aren’t far off from what a NYC band” should sound like.


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