The synth-centric IZE is the project of NOLA-based Robert Tornillo, who makes prismatic sounds that range from dance-y to wholly melodic.

any color u like is a track that’s been kicking around, and a rough cut has been lent out to Taped Records for a recent release. The track appears on the latest iteration of the label’s monthly benefit compilation that strives to create communities listeners and artists through diversity with VOL 2s proceeds going to the University of Tennesee’s Office of Equity and Diversity.

Even for a demo (Tornillo insists that a studio version is coming), the recording is pretty damn gorgeous. Opening with beaming synths, the track blooms into a chromatic symphony, overflowing with iridescent melodies and bedazzling electronic percussion. Tornillo’s mellow baritone sinks in deep with quixotic lyrics that pivot between a few wistful lines:

I can paint all the walls in this room any color you like
It’s understanding that does me in all the time

any color u like may not be a finished piece of music (yet), but it’s definitely already a track that should get the most feels track of 2k17” distinction.

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