iyesaya-homeWe’ve included Monster in one of our bi-weekly bowls (or playlists) a few iterations back, but I find myself revisiting this track quite frequently.

Under his moniker IYESAYA (pronounced eye-say-ah), William Dop has been dubbed bedroom pop’s prince of darkness already with his limited body of work. Through his very label CFJ, he self-released Back Home last month with the profits going to a very good cause (with a basketball card that might be Detroit Pistons legend, Isiah Thomas).

Previously shared a few months back through Art Is Hard Record’s pin club, Monster is a commanding number, hinged on incinerating misnomers and erroneously slung words. Built upon layers of guitars of the bending and twinkling variety, the track is a forceful anthem with Dop’s displeased yet soothing gruff and a theme that matters.

It should be noted that all proceeds of the EP will be donated to Mind UK, a charity that provides accessible support to those struggling with mental health problems.

Cereal Pairing: Your favorite warm cereal