Vancouver Sleep Clinic is back, alive, and very much kicking. After the release of his debut EP over 2 years ago, Tim Bettinson is finally back with new music that un-defines any, and all, lines.

14595656_1239206849483162_8770632062003376506_nBrisbane-bred Bettinson first came on the scene in 2014 with Winter, a six-song collection of atmospheric tracks impossible to ignore.  “Killing Me To Love You” and Lung” are the first signs of a more developed and mature sound from the Aussies, while not straying away from the sound that had has hooked from the start. Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s much anticipated, self-proclaimed (and rightly so) ”revival” is nothing short of a gorgeous re-introduction.

Cereal+Sounds had the absolute honor of exchanging some words with Bettinson, and picking his musically genius mind about the fear of coming back, the effect of his personal growth on his professional development,  and the excitement behind his first North American tour and an upcoming album.

It’s been over two years since Winter’ was released. Was there a moment when you felt the need to express yourself and your emotions to your listeners, or was it just a necessary amount of time to just enjoy being young?

Definitely. It was actually quite a difficult time for me. Sitting with your own music for a while, away from the hectic nature of touring that I’d become accustomed to, was long and strenuous. There were times when I wondered if the music would ever come out, and if the project could continue. I’m so psyched now though that music is finally out and that all of our friends can hear what we’ve been working on!

Lung” is an emotionally driven plea for help, while Killing Me To Love You” seems to be the precursor of that helpless feeling - what would you say is the theme of your upcoming music?

There’s really a whole bunch of different themes throughout this record. The songs were all written periodically over this 2 year time, as I was on kind of this epic emotional journey.

There is definitely an air of maturity you can hear in the new releases - do you see this personal growth as a part of your revival”? What would you say has changed personally for you that has played an influence in your new work?

I feel that even just naturally over time, I’ve grown from a lot of different experiences and had a lot of time to think about who I wanted to be as a person and an artist. It has been at times a difficult time of transition but as a result I feel like the songs are more honest, raw and easily accessible to the listener - which I think is really important for my music.

What are you looking forward to seeing/feeling/experiencing supporting Daughter on tour? What reactions are you hoping to receive from audiences to the new music?

It’s our first time touring North America so I’m super excited just to meet all of our friends who have been hanging in there from the start. I also can’t wait to play a bunch of new music for everyone, and really to just have awesome hangs with some of my best friends.

When can we expect the new album/EP, and what would you say will be the biggest audible difference between it and Winter’?

The new album will be out early next 2017! It is a big step forward dynamically from the EP. You will hear big drums, synths, strings & a lot of other things we weren’t able to pull together for Winter. Can’t wait for you to hear it!

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