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Some projects were started with ambition and optimism, while others expected to go nowhere. Falling under the category of the later, Nic Charuk is the mind behind UniversityGolfClub, one of the more splendid things to come from boredom. Recorded in a week’s time, Have Fun & Good Luck is a brisk 15-minute EP that wafts of a salty sea breeze while radiating gentle rays. I couldn’t find any background on UniversityGolfClub, so I spoke to Charuk via e-mail about the project and EP.

How did the project come about?

Nic: Honestly this project was just something I started when I was bored in my basement, I had some free time and I wasn’t working so I figured I’d try and put something out.

Were these songs brewing in your head or as ideas already or did they come into fruition during the recording session?

Nic: Some of them were, the first few songs I’d had written for a while but the rest came out when I started recording.


Were all the instruments recorded by you?

Nic: All the instruments were recorded by me yea, but it’s really not much the whole thing is two guitars and a sampler.

Are you involved with any other Vancouver projects?

Nic: No I’m not, I’d like to be in the future but I haven’t lived here that long and right now in just doing my own stuff.


What were your influences for the EP?

Nic: I like to listen to a lot of surf music especially in the spring. Lately though and a lot when I was writing I listen to Beach Fossils, Alvvays, a lot of Chad VanGaalen.

Did the weather/seasons play into how the EP sounded?

Nic: Yea the weather played a big role in how the ep sounded. I recorded everything in the spring time so I wanted to make it all kind of upbeat and sunny I guess, I think the weather a time of year effects not just what I make but what I’ll listen to.

In addition to listening to surf music, any other nautical-related things inspire the EPs sound?

Nic: Just living on the coast. It’s still a new place for me and living somewhere with an ocean is a big plus for me.


Pair a cereal with your favorite album or current favorite.

Nic: The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie soundtrack paired with a bowl of nails without milk.