Brooklyn, for the past decade, has been know to have a thriving music scene. Critically acclaimed acts such as Grizzly Bear, the Beastie Boys, and yes, Barbra Streisand, all pride and joys of Brooklyn. Specifically, Williamsburg, Brooklyn has been the ground zero for the music for the past decade.

Midwood, an area not quite known for music, lies near the southern tip of Brooklyn, roughly 30 minutes away from Williamsburg via train. Tucked away within Midwood, lies Mosey Jones. Mosey Jones is an indie punk band comprised of siblings, Eamon and Caitlin McMullen, who play guitar and drums respectively, and bass guitarist, Peter Quirk.

On a rainy Friday afternoon, the members of Mosey Jones were rehearsing for their upcoming show. The show was a week away, and it was their first show in months. Shows were rare for the band, as well as band practice. The band uses the McMullens’ basement as a rehearsal and recording space.

The space was small, yet spacious. Hundreds of band posters covered the walls, many of them being posters of their music idols, favorite albums, or something totally random that they found. When looking around the space, one could say 97% of the room is draped in music, minus the miniature foosball table and the furniture.

Mosey Jones formed a long time ago” as Eamon puts it. The band first started as just Peter and Eamon, when they were merely fooling around with their instruments in the McMullen’s basement. These sessions would soon evolve into songs that would eventually be recorded as Mosey Jones songs. Needing a drummer to round out the band, they enlisted Eamon’s older sister, Caitlin.

Being a do-it-yourself band, the band does not garner fans through promotion and touring due to their limited resources. Instead they rely on the Internet and word of mouth to promote the band a their music.

Just this past summer, the band released their debut album, Swell. The album was released on their bandcamp page, with the popular pay-what-you-want” option. Upon release, Eamon sent the album to various blogs and sites for review. Through this, the band has managed to garner a dozen reviews, including a small fan base in Germany. Currently, a trip to Europe isn’t in the cards, however, the band hopes that one day they’ll get the chance to play for their European friends.

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