Nothing tickles our fancy more than grade A, organic, locally sourced kick-ass music. As Bronx born babies ourselves, we couldn’t be more stoked on Future Generations - an indie-pop quartet college pals turned bandmates.

13813665_1195105627214228_1416970595114045911_nTheir self-titled debut LP (out now via Frenchkiss Records) is as transformative and magnetic as their story…and smiles (look left). The undeniable electricity present throughout the album is forceful, leaving you with no choice but to feel a part of the anthemic tracks. Seeping with synth and driven by dazzling vocals, the boys give us melodically moving contradiction of electronically infused feelings.

Future Generations gives energy and life to those moments in our life when we feel the most constantly stagnant. The boys help shed a little light onto those moments, and shared thoughts from their lyrically genius minds with Cereal+Sounds below.

Grace:  I want you, I need you, but I’m just stuck”

If you’ve ever been in a long-term relationship you know that there are times where you have a deep reflection of your relationship. Along with that comes doubt and questions. That’s what Grace’ is about. This line in particular kind of sums up what I was feeling at the time. It’s such a weird feeling to know that you want and enjoy being with someone, and at the very same time feel like you’ve experienced all you can experience with that person. There’s no ill intentions or feelings, just a feeling of being stuck.

Stars: “It’s better if you tell yourself, that you will never be alone”

I’m sure we’ve all had that existential period where we wonder about our place in the universe. Is life your life as a human being valuable? We all wonder, and we will never know for sure I don’t think. But, I take solace in the fact that I have people around me that also have those questions, and at the very least we can try to find meaning together.

Rain: “I just can’t wait till it pours, I just can’t wait till it rains”

Rain gets a bad rap I think. It’s often viewed negatively, but I love the rain. Rain means life and change and growth.  It also means you get to cancel plans sometimes and huddle up inside and watch Netflix.

Black & Bleu: “Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, whoever eats the fastest gets the most”

So this is one of those songs that has almost no real meaning. The words in it are just silly and playful and I’m pretty sure I came up with them on the spot when I recorded it. This phrase, though, is something that I grew up hearing from my granddad and dad. It was just a silly way to say grace, but I thought it was the funniest thing ever when I was a kid.

This Place We Go: “The expression on my face, has gone away”

If you’ve ever been in a relationship, you know this place I’m talking about. It’s a place where you are struggling to see a reason to still be together. It could last for a short time, or a long time, but if it last a long time eventually you get tired, and your facial expressions begin to disappear because you are so used to being upset.

You’ve Got Me Flush: “All I see is my fragile heart in your hand”

It’s definitely cliché to say, but falling in love is a vulnerable thing. So, you know, when you have fallen for someone you are happy and your mind is racing and good things are happening, but you also know that feeling can disappear at any moment if that person has different feelings.

Find An Answer: “I’ve got to tell my story, but the ink is fading”

Finding meaning and purpose in life is what everyone wants, but we only have a limited amount of time to figure that meaning and purpose out before either life is over, or we’re too old to do anything about it.

Coast: “I don’t wanna lose you to the coast”

Having a significant other who is passionate and career driven is something that everybody appreciates and wants, but it is really hard when that person’s passion and career takes them away from you. This song is about that and mentally preparing yourself for a moment such as this. Where feelings are still the same, but distance is what ends up being the problem.

60 Seconds: “I’m sorry…for all the times that I just wanted to be on my own”

Looking back at a failed relationship, or one that is failing you think of all the things that you might have done differently, and you feel sorry about it, even if you really shouldn’t.

Thunder In The City: “It’s all a part of me, and I am growing”

Thunder In The City’ is about self-growth and appreciation. Sometimes you need to just take a step back and observe your surroundings and take it all in because it’s a part of who you are and it’s a part of where you are going. It’s a necessary thing to appreciate where you are in life and that it’s just a part of your own small story.