Sean Lochridge is the mind behind the psych-rock project, The Imp of Perverse, a moniker inspired by the short story written by Edgar Allen Poe. The Austin, Texas-based songwriter has been pretty active for the past two years with a steady diet of uploads to his Bandcamp, with Not Getting What You Want, One Step At A Time being his latest.

The EPs melty opener Tripping Thru a Hallway On Fire is a slick and groovy track that’ll trip you up. Led by woozy guitars that glide all over, the woozy instrumentation gives off heavy 60’s psych-rock vibes, a la 13th Floor Elevators. Lochridge’s cool hushed vocals, comparable to a whispy Jim Reed (JAMC), traverse the mystic plain as nostalgia-heavy instrumental breaks churn out snazzy riffs.

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