ikwyaayanFor the past few years, New Jersey musician I Know Who You Are and You Are Nothing has been quietly recording and releasing heartfelt bedroom pop tunes, each with their own sense of stylistic sleepiness and experimental grooviness. IKWYAAYANs most recent proper release, For Now, follows the tonal ambience of what came before while also showing signs of further creative development. The songs here, despite their brevity, sweetness, and catchiness, all seem moderately subdued, yet fully realized in themselves. The music is quick to get to the point, yet never feels rushed, and the various vocal modulations present on certain tracks help to emphasize the album’s many dreamy hooks. The variety of sounds present on the album range from the swinging ambience on Anew” to the hypnotizing danceable pulse on Itty Bitty”, which is quite an impressive feat considering the album’s short length ( For Now barely reaches past ten minutes, making it shorter than the previous fantastic release, Prayer). Yet in that short time, IKWYAAYAN displays both a distinct sonic palette, and the wisdom to leave listeners wanting more.