hovvdy-tasterHovvdy, a two-piece project based in Austin, TX, is a collaboration that casually came about without any build-up or premonitions. Charlie Martin and Will Taylor met through mutual friends towards the end of 2014 and began capturing confessions as iPhone memos.”

Recorded in numerous homes and spaces throughout Texas,” their debut record, Taster, (out via Sports Day Records and Merdurhaus Records) has the band moving away from the direct guitar composition and experimenting a bit more with textures and abstractness.

The first taste of the upcoming record, Problem,” is a track that’s wholly absorbing and mesmerizing. Influences of slowcore and emo collide to make for lush undertones, proliferating with gentle crescendos from prevalent cymbals and lugubrious guitars. Even after several listens, Problem leaves an aftertaste that’s neither vapid nor satisfying, but that’s probably why I haven’t been listening to anything else all week.

Taster is out on April 15th and available for pre-order on cassette, CD, and digitally.

Hovvdy swings by the NYC area on April 10th a show at Palisades.

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