hovvdy-tasterAlready giving us a taste of their upcoming LP, Hovvdy (pronounced howdy” if you were wondering) has spoiled/teased us with another cut of off Taster. The Austin, TX duo had us fixated with their previous single Problem, but done little to alleviate the gloomy vibes with their latest preview.

While not as dense as its predecessor, Meg is viscreal in its own right, billowing with brittle twang and heady emotions. Charlie and Will go full blown sublime, as they bring out dreamy tones but still invoke a sense of raw melancholy that doesn’t provide any resolve until the track’s sweeping outro.

Quickly becoming a band that is impossible to ignore, I wouldn’t hesitate to say Hovvdy is my new favorite band.

Taster is out April 15th and available for pre-order through Sports Day Records and Merdurhaus Records or the band.

Cereal Pairing: A bowl of mini wheats with a side of feels